Craft Bursaries

Craft bursaries are awarded in March each year.
Applicants must be professional makers working in Scotland.
Each bursary is a sum of £5000.
Applicants must have worked in their craft in Scotland for at least 5 years.

The purpose of the bursaries is to help established makers to push the boundaries of their practice and to make innovative new developments in their work. Part of an award could enable a successful applicant learn a new skill, or significantly improve their existing skills, to achieve these objectives.

There is no set application form.
Applicants should submit:

  • a brief description of their current practice to date (not more than 500 words)
  • a proposal of what they would like todo if they receive the award (not more than 750 words)
  • a breakdown of costs for the project
  • A full CV
  • Up to 6 images of recent work (jpegs no larger than A4 300dpi)

Applications should be submitted by Monday 4th March 2019 digitally to


In 2002 an exhibition of the first 5 years of the Award was held at the National Museum of Scotland.

In 2012 an exhibition of the the first 15 years of the Award was held at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh.

Alison Kinnaird,  winner 1999

Alison Kinnaird,  winner 1999

Inches Carr Trust Bursary winners

  • 1997 Malcolm Appelby, Peter Chang, John Creed
  • 1998 Susan Cross, Jack Cunningham, Maureen Edgar
  • 1999 Alison Kinnaird, Archie McCall, Jessie Ann Matthew, Keiko Mukaide
  • 2001 Jacki Parry, Geoff Roberts, Ann Marie Shillito, Simon Ward
  • 2002 Gillian Forbes, Susan Mowatt, Graeme Crimmins
  • 2003 Mark Andrew Powell, Valerie Pragnell
  • 2004 Jane Kelly, Lindean Mill Glass
  • 2005 Dierdre Nelson
  • 2006 Michael Lloyd
  • 2007 Paula Thompson
  • 2008 Grainne Morton, Jo Barker
  • 2009 Craig Mitchell
  • 2011 Andrea Walsh, Charonne Ruth, Joanne Thompson
  • 2012 France Priest, Geoffrey Mann, Linda Green
  • 2013 Michelle de Bruin, Paula Cooper
  • 2014 Jen Deschenes, Susan O'Byrne
  • 2015 Jennifer Kent, Lara Scobie, Annie Woodford
  • 2016 Jennifer Gray
  • 2017 Lynne MacLachlan- Eastwood, James Rigler
  • 2018 Jonathan Pang
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